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Himanshu Sharma (Fashion & Advertising Photographer) Himanshu Sharma General Information Himanshu Sharma, fashion photographer, is more than somebody who takes good pictures; he has the Midas touch to make his models look their best artistically. Himanshu's work with brand names like : Body Gym, Atlas, Conditions Apply, Ritu Wears,Mohan lal @ Sons, Lakhani Shoes,by Designer Trends, Flu Jeans, Adobe, Kurta Palace, Yes Baby and many more..... and also with some of the best designers in the industry is a reflection of his style, fashion and passion towards fashion photography. Himanshu's passion for photography goes back to his school days; though it was a hobby then he learnt manual processing and printing of black and white films from Mr. Raj Sharma. In 2009, Himanshu who by then had a promising career in the animation industry, quit, and chose to take up photography professionally. Anyone who feels they are looking to learn more about the craft and science of photography should pay great attention to Himanshu Sharma's work. His success comes from the fact he possesses the technical and artistic skills needed to create a valuable picture. Himanshu is an extremely talented individual and has the tenacity to balance strategic thinking with effective tactical execution. Himanshu is very selective about the assignments he takes on; by demonstrating professionalism, simplicity and high integrity, he has established a lasting reputation along with respect toward his models and clients. himanshu is now working on various national trends, techniques and lightings at his studio at Delhi. He strives towards making his mark in the national market considering the fact that fashion in India is growing rapidly with various international brands / designers coming to India. What keeps Himanshu going is the love and support he gets from his family and friends; they have been pillars of support as he strives towards his achieving his goal- 'to be the best in the fashion photography industry'.

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